Are you Curious to know what Accelerated Learning is all about? Well, an attitude of Curiosity and Openness towards Learning is what has led to all the developments in the world around us. We as Humans are Inquisitive beings always looking to Explore, Learn and Enrich our understanding of the world. And all of this has been made possible by your Ability to use your highly evolved Brain and Neurology.

Imagine having the most Powerful computer with you to operate but not having the instruction manual. That is exactly the kind of Challenge each of us have faced as Learners in this modern world. Your Brain is a more Powerful computer than any electronic device that man has been able to build and having the keys to utilize it is fundamental to the development of your own Personal Genius.

How the Human Brain Works and
How We Learn

More has been discovered about this in the past 35 years than in the rest of history. Plenty of research has been conducted on How the high performing Geniuses learn and use their brain and the Accelerated Learning methodology has been designed using all the insights from this research.

We as human beings seem to be Naturally very good at learning and we Master a plethora of skills quickly and effectively even before we step into school. And we as children seem to Enjoy it too. Most of us would would be able to walk and speak a language or many languages even though prior to it we knew none. The natural process of How this learning happens has also been modeled in the Accelerated Learning methodology.


Learn “How to Learn”

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day,
Teach a man to fish and he eats for life”

—Chinese Proverb

The pace and volume of information that we as learners encounter in today’s world is very high and the Accelerated Learning methodology makes this process of Learning Easy, Quick, Fun and Effective utilizing the principles of Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, the principles of Whole brain learning which creates a synergy between the logical and creative functions of our brain, the principles of Brain Gym (Mind-Body learning) and the principles of Visual Memory strategies and Mind Mapping.


The Three Fundamental Aspects of
Accelerated Learning

The three fundamental aspects of Accelerated Learning are a positive learning environment, clear learning cycles and a variety of activities. The Accelerated learning methodology works by creating a conducive learning environment where the students learn for themselves through their own experience. The learning cycle involves the experience of learning concepts through activities involving physical exercises and movement, music and sounds, art and visuals along with working with their own internal representations (thinking and memory) of their learning through mind mapping and some very effective memory techniques.

The learners also hone their Communication and personal Leadership skills through activities and exercises. All in all the Accelerated Learning Skills program develops you into a well rounded, self-confident, self-initiated and self-reliant learner who is driven to Apply the learning and improve your abilities all through your life.

So what would be the benefits of
Learning through this methodology?

You Learn:

  • Success Strategies and Attitudes of Geniuses: Learn How to approach Challenges and New Learning so as to make them Fun and enjoyable so that you are Flexible and Motivated to Learn more.

  • Learn Exercises for Whole Brain Learning: Learn the Brain Gym Exercises to train their creative and logical faculties to work together in a balanced and integrated manner so that the Learning becomes a Relaxing and Exciting activity.

  • How memory works and How to develop a Super Memory - Memory Systems: Learn making Learning and remembering Entertaining and easy using proven techniques, activities and games.

  • Communication & Leadership Skills: Learn how to communicate effectively with self and others with Confidence. Beliefs and behaviors that produce Excellence.

  • Visual Strategies for Spelling and Improved Vocabulary, Math Strategies: Learn using simple, proven methods to learn more across varied subjects and solve problems quickly.

  • Accelerated Reading - Visual Reading & Mind Mapping: Learn making mind-movies and mental-maps of learning material promoting creative thinking and easy recall.

Who can benefit from
Accelerated Learning

Keeping this in mind, by now, you would realize that the Accelerated Learning methodology would be beneficial to Students, Teachers, Trainers, Parents, Software professionals, Doctors, Managers and anyone else who is curious and sincere about Learning for academics, general awareness, personal growth, leadership and communication.




  • Afreen Summiya

    I Participated in Train The Trainer workshop conducted by THSAE with a few outcomes to achieve, which I did achieve but what worked best was that I was left with new outcomes that I hadn’t thought of until then. The workshop was more of a journey that lead me a step ahead not just as a trainer but as a person too. It has boosted my passion and love for training.

    - Afreen Summiya
    Corporate Trainer

  • Godfrey Soans

    A must for students but the applied knowledge can be used by any individual in any circumstances."

    - Godfrey Soans
    Administrator, SCM India

  • N Poornima

    It's an experience like never before. This program helped me to explore myself and motivated me in all aspects of life.

    - N Poornima
    Soft Skills Trainer

  • Richa Jha

    It was having your underlying qualities and behaviour come to the surface. How to use what you have to advantage and how to get what you don't have and make life simpler. Human mind is a wonderful thing, Explore with NLP.

    - Richa Jha
    Application Engineer, Honeywell Technologies

  • Saravanan R Subbiah

    It's an eye opener for me, you did a wonderful job in facilitating healthy discussions and experience sharing sessions.

    - Saravanan R Subbiah
    Technical Architect, John Deere India

  • Suraj Ramchandani

    I now understand your reason for promoting self learning and self realisation. Very helpful and extremely well informed trainers, would be happy to recommend you guys.

    - Suraj Ramchandani
    B D Manager, Electromag

  • Kavya Sridhara

    It was a great experience to know that life is fun and loving. Nothing is impossible and life takes you the way you want it to be. It gave me the confidence to face anything in life. Last but not the least, it made me realize what I wanted and how to get it.

    - Kavya Sridhara
    Management Student, R.V.Institute of Management

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