Make 2014 your best year yet!

It is again that time of the year when we are at the crossroads : as we reflect on the important areas in life, we are also looking at new beginnings in some important areas, new directions to move in, new paths to tread and new destinations to reach.

It is said that "Success breeds sucess". So even before you start the process of setting some Exciting goals for yourself to make 2014 Your Best Year Yet, you might want to reflect on the goals you did achieve in 2013 and the progress you have made in the areas of your life that you value. Take a few minutes to really focus on what you have achieved in the year 2013 : the skills you have learned, the results you have gotten, some moments you treasure and anything else that you value...

Make some time for yourself and write down your achievements. Do this exercise purposefully.

I am expecting that you are positively beaming at this point, having done the above exercise :) Well, if you haven't yet done it, stop, do the exercise and then read on further :D

The ultimate innate power


For many years, the founders of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder began their workshops with the following question

"Who is driving the bus of your life?".

Their contention was that the fundamental principle in personal change was about taking responsibility (response-ability) for your thoughts, feelings, behavior and hence your results.

The power of sensory rich communication 

Have you ever wondered how you can capture the attention of an audience with your language when you are giving a speech? Every single individual in the audience is unique and have their own style of thinking and understanding; so, how do you manage to cater to the preferences of everyone? How do you enthrall the audience with a memorable experience?

With these questions in mind, it might appear a herculean task to accomplish. But holding the audience’s attention with the artful use of language is indeed simpler than it seems. It is so because of the simple fact that the audience processes your speech and comprehends through the senses, a universal for all human beings. 

We all use our five senses to make sense of the world: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. And using sensory words you can paint someone a lucid picture, tell a compelling story or evoke strong feelings to have them riveted to your speech.

Simple Alchemy

Converting undesired behaviors/habits to productive ones


"First you make your habits, then your habits make you!" - Lucas Remmerswaal
and you can make a New Habit out of an old one starting Now!

Each of us have Habits which when we commit to and follow through we know that we will benefit from them. It could be going to the Gym, practicing a musical instrument, reading, planning your day,etc.
But instead of engaging in these productive behaviors, we might sometimes be thinking about how difficult it is, how we cant do it or we might be engaging in behaviors that are not useful for our well-being.
However, we can shift our energy and focus from these undesired behaviors to build productive behaviors that support us.

The path to


All of us have skills and abilities that we would like to Master. It might be the ability to play an instrument, to draw or paint, to play a sport, to train or coach people, to learn and speak a new language, or simply to be happy and successful (Yes, Happiness and Success are also skills that can be learnt and mastered!).

Path to mysteryBut what many of us don’t realize is that each and every one of us has already mastered a plethora of skills. And what is even more baffling is the process of how we went about learning those skills. We all have learnt, and to an extent mastered, how to read, write, walk, drive, speak different languages, etc. which are complex processes and do require a lot of skill and practice because there was a time in our lives when we didn’t have these abilities and we then learnt them piece by piece, always moving to more and more advanced levels and getting more skilled.


  • Afreen Summiya

    I Participated in Train The Trainer workshop conducted by THSAE with a few outcomes to achieve, which I did achieve but what worked best was that I was left with new outcomes that I hadn’t thought of until then. The workshop was more of a journey that lead me a step ahead not just as a trainer but as a person too. It has boosted my passion and love for training.

    - Afreen Summiya
    Corporate Trainer

  • Godfrey Soans

    A must for students but the applied knowledge can be used by any individual in any circumstances."

    - Godfrey Soans
    Administrator, SCM India

  • N Poornima

    It's an experience like never before. This program helped me to explore myself and motivated me in all aspects of life.

    - N Poornima
    Soft Skills Trainer

  • Richa Jha

    It was having your underlying qualities and behaviour come to the surface. How to use what you have to advantage and how to get what you don't have and make life simpler. Human mind is a wonderful thing, Explore with NLP.

    - Richa Jha
    Application Engineer, Honeywell Technologies

  • Saravanan R Subbiah

    It's an eye opener for me, you did a wonderful job in facilitating healthy discussions and experience sharing sessions.

    - Saravanan R Subbiah
    Technical Architect, John Deere India

  • Suraj Ramchandani

    I now understand your reason for promoting self learning and self realisation. Very helpful and extremely well informed trainers, would be happy to recommend you guys.

    - Suraj Ramchandani
    B D Manager, Electromag

  • Kavya Sridhara

    It was a great experience to know that life is fun and loving. Nothing is impossible and life takes you the way you want it to be. It gave me the confidence to face anything in life. Last but not the least, it made me realize what I wanted and how to get it.

    - Kavya Sridhara
    Management Student, R.V.Institute of Management

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