Make 2014 your best year yet!

It is again that time of the year when we are at the crossroads : as we reflect on the important areas in life, we are also looking at new beginnings in some important areas, new directions to move in, new paths to tread and new destinations to reach.

It is said that "Success breeds sucess". So even before you start the process of setting some Exciting goals for yourself to make 2014 Your Best Year Yet, you might want to reflect on the goals you did achieve in 2013 and the progress you have made in the areas of your life that you value. Take a few minutes to really focus on what you have achieved in the year 2013 : the skills you have learned, the results you have gotten, some moments you treasure and anything else that you value...

Make some time for yourself and write down your achievements. Do this exercise purposefully.

I am expecting that you are positively beaming at this point, having done the above exercise :) Well, if you haven't yet done it, stop, do the exercise and then read on further :D

To make 2014 Your Best Year Yet, be ready and excited to stretch your comfort zone well beyond what it was: dream big and set your standards higher than ever before. Because we all have Dreams and Goals we want to realize and achieve. Also, we have all had the experience of achieving what we set out to achieve and also have had the experience of just wishing, hoping and desiring. You might be curious as to 'What is the 'difference' or 'the factor' that makes the difference between making a non-committal momentary wish and setting a fulfilling achievable goal?' and ' How can you set Goals that are so compelling that you are absolutely Driven to achieve them?'

I would like to assist you on this quest by outlining the process by which you can refine your goals to set and accomplish goals that are worthwhile and compelling by their very nature and in line with your overall well-being.

I will outline the process as i share my example of applying it to my goal of 'developing a daily exercise routine'

  1. Is the outcome stated in the Positive? (Want v/s don't want)

    If you have have stated your goal in terms of what you don't want, change it to something that you do want.

    "I want to be able to exercise for 1 hour everyday" instead of "I shouldn't be lazy/ unhealthy/ unfit".

  2. Is it Achievable?

    Ask if the outcome humanly achievable? Has anyone already achieved it before, If not, is it practically possible?

    Think of the people who are already achieving this goal. You may also choose to think of a time when you achieved this yourself. Check if it is practically possible.

    Yes. Many people do exercise regularly and stay healthy and fit.

  3. Is the outcome Specific?

    What Specifically? Where Specifically? When Specifically? Who Specifically?

    Get as specific and clear as you can about your goal.

    I will exercise for an hour everyday, 5 days a week. Go walking/ running in the nearest public park. Also do some stretches. In the morning between 6 AM AND 7 AM.

  4. How will I know when i am achieving/ have achieved it?

    Sensory Specific - What will I see? Hear? Feel? that will let me know that I am achieving/ have achieved my goal?.

    I will see to it that i am at the park at 6 AM each day, do the stretches and exercises and leave the park at 7 AM every morning, 5 days a week.

  5. Is the outcome initiated and controlled by me?

    Chunk the goal down to a set of actions that You can take.

    It is completely in my control to wake up on time, go to the park and stick to my exercise routine. I initiate it every morning.

  6. What price (in terms of time, effort, energy, money, etc.) do i have to pay to achieve this outcome? And is it worth it?

    Every goal you achieve comes at a price, doesn't it? Is achieving your goal worth it for You?

    I would want to wake up at 5:30 am and hence give up an hour of sleep. Also, preferably get to bed before midnight. And buy a new pair of sneakers. Yes, it is worth it to pay this price to achieve my goal - I will get healthier and fitter.

  7. How will this affect the other aspects of my life and any other people who would be affected by this? Is it acceptable?

    You would have many areas of your life that are important to you and it would be useful for you to balance things for your over-all well being. Check that the effects of achieving this goal are acceptable for you. If not, refine your goal further.

    I would want to finish up with all my work before midnight. I would be giving up some TV time in the evening to complete all my work well in time. Yes, this is acceptable for me.

Hope that this has made the process clearer for you.

So, I invite you to choose a goal you want to achieve now and use the process with it if you haven't already. You may want to cycle through this process with your goal a few times to create an Outcome that is Well-formed : Compelling and Achievable.

How will you know if the goal you have created for yourself is well-formed. You would know because it would be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.

Do share with us what your experience is of using this process and the results you have hence achieved on a monthly basis. Looking forward to your replies and wishing you the Best!

Have an Adventurous year ahead.

To Your Excellence,


  • Afreen Summiya

    I Participated in Train The Trainer workshop conducted by THSAE with a few outcomes to achieve, which I did achieve but what worked best was that I was left with new outcomes that I hadn’t thought of until then. The workshop was more of a journey that lead me a step ahead not just as a trainer but as a person too. It has boosted my passion and love for training.

    - Afreen Summiya
    Corporate Trainer

  • Godfrey Soans

    A must for students but the applied knowledge can be used by any individual in any circumstances."

    - Godfrey Soans
    Administrator, SCM India

  • N Poornima

    It's an experience like never before. This program helped me to explore myself and motivated me in all aspects of life.

    - N Poornima
    Soft Skills Trainer

  • Richa Jha

    It was having your underlying qualities and behaviour come to the surface. How to use what you have to advantage and how to get what you don't have and make life simpler. Human mind is a wonderful thing, Explore with NLP.

    - Richa Jha
    Application Engineer, Honeywell Technologies

  • Saravanan R Subbiah

    It's an eye opener for me, you did a wonderful job in facilitating healthy discussions and experience sharing sessions.

    - Saravanan R Subbiah
    Technical Architect, John Deere India

  • Suraj Ramchandani

    I now understand your reason for promoting self learning and self realisation. Very helpful and extremely well informed trainers, would be happy to recommend you guys.

    - Suraj Ramchandani
    B D Manager, Electromag

  • Kavya Sridhara

    It was a great experience to know that life is fun and loving. Nothing is impossible and life takes you the way you want it to be. It gave me the confidence to face anything in life. Last but not the least, it made me realize what I wanted and how to get it.

    - Kavya Sridhara
    Management Student, R.V.Institute of Management

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