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Abhishek Thalanki

Abhishek Thalanki is a simple & dynamic leader committed to supporting individuals in the process of expressing their unique innate potential and becoming all they can be. During his own journey of exploration and self-development he has studied and learned from many leaders - from the famous and powerful to the so-called ordinary people around us. His passion lies in sharing some of the profound principles that stood out in the lives of these remarkable individuals.

He has modeled "How these exemplars do what they do" and strives to demonstrate and share these principles, attitudes, skills, strategies and traits with the people he works with. NLP has been a powerful tool in this process of modeling, assimilating and sharing these patterns of excellence effectively.

Abhishek is a Certified Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP and an Accelerated Learning Skills Coach and enjoys facilitating people in their experience of learning, growth and contribution. He has a knack for working with Children and Adults alike in the contexts of NLP, Accelerated Learning, Leadership, Communication and Life skills. Abhishek has been working in enhancing the performance of individuals through NLP and Accelerated Learning for 4 years now.

On the personal front, Abhishek continues to study multiple domains in the process of expanding his learning : Human behavior, Science, Technology, Art, Nature, Business, etc. He also dabbles in Art and Sports as Hobbies.

In his own words, his driving belief in Co-Founding THSAE is that "Something inside Human beings is stronger than circumstances and that we as human beings can take charge of the situations in our lives and live life on our terms."


Vinay Chavan

Vinay has always been Passionate about working with people and producing results with them and that is what motivated him to move into Training & Development. Vinay's Journey towards Excellence in Training is what brought him to Exploring and Learning NLP, he has been training for over 7 years now.

Vinay is an Internationally Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, trained by Sue Knight, Author of 'NLP at work' and Ashlesh Rao, both Master Trainers of NLP. He comes with a decade of work experience across functions such as Operations, Business Development, Sales and Training and have also supported various HR Functions primarily in the IT/ITES and Education Sectors.

Prior to Co-Founding THSAE, he was responsible for setting up and managing the Training department of a leading Corporate.

Vinay is also a dedicated Coach and has been delivering consistent & successful results with the individuals he has worked with. His specialties include Training on Communication, Behavioural aspects, Skill Development, and Sales & Marketing.

Through our Programs, Vinay is committed to supporting you in your Journey.




  • Afreen Summiya

    I Participated in Train The Trainer workshop conducted by THSAE with a few outcomes to achieve, which I did achieve but what worked best was that I was left with new outcomes that I hadn’t thought of until then. The workshop was more of a journey that lead me a step ahead not just as a trainer but as a person too. It has boosted my passion and love for training.

    - Afreen Summiya
    Corporate Trainer

  • Godfrey Soans

    A must for students but the applied knowledge can be used by any individual in any circumstances."

    - Godfrey Soans
    Administrator, SCM India

  • N Poornima

    It's an experience like never before. This program helped me to explore myself and motivated me in all aspects of life.

    - N Poornima
    Soft Skills Trainer

  • Richa Jha

    It was having your underlying qualities and behaviour come to the surface. How to use what you have to advantage and how to get what you don't have and make life simpler. Human mind is a wonderful thing, Explore with NLP.

    - Richa Jha
    Application Engineer, Honeywell Technologies

  • Saravanan R Subbiah

    It's an eye opener for me, you did a wonderful job in facilitating healthy discussions and experience sharing sessions.

    - Saravanan R Subbiah
    Technical Architect, John Deere India

  • Suraj Ramchandani

    I now understand your reason for promoting self learning and self realisation. Very helpful and extremely well informed trainers, would be happy to recommend you guys.

    - Suraj Ramchandani
    B D Manager, Electromag

  • Kavya Sridhara

    It was a great experience to know that life is fun and loving. Nothing is impossible and life takes you the way you want it to be. It gave me the confidence to face anything in life. Last but not the least, it made me realize what I wanted and how to get it.

    - Kavya Sridhara
    Management Student, R.V.Institute of Management

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